A Recording Of A Worksheet Process and No Thanksgiving Mindshifter Group

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to share with you an edited audio file of the portion of a previous Internet Show, in which a caller worked through a worksheet on her terror.  This 30 minute audio contains just the relevant part of the Internet show in which the caller processed her terror from a 9 and 2/3 out of a possible 10, down to a level 2, in just one worksheet.

Listen Here

I also want to remind everyone that there will be no Thursday Mindshifters Group on Thanksgiving evening.  We will resume Thursday Mindshifters on December 29th.

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Mindshifter Support Group 11-15-2018 Recording Available

Dear Friends,

The recording from last night’s Mindshifter Support Group is now available.  It is roughly two hours in length and is available if you Click Here

There will be no meeting next week, as it is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. 

We will resume group meetings again on 11/29/2018 at 6:30 pm Central Time.  The information about joining us through Zom.us is available from my website on the Support Groups Page – Here

As always, your comments are welcome.


We Come From Love.  We Are Made Of Love.  We Are Love.  Everything else is false.

Tonight’s Thursday Mindshifter Group Topic

Dear Friends,

Since launching this new adventure of allowing people to join the Thursday Mindshifter Group through Zoom, it has come to my attention that people want to know what we will be talking about, or listening to in the group meeting.  So, when there is a topic selected in advance, and the audio or video has been predetermined, I will endeavor to post a blog notice listing that topic, or talk.

Tonight we will be listening to part of a talk by Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, and The Surrender Experiment.  Michael has published an online course about Living From A Place of Surrender.  The talk for tonight will be about Heart, and the difference between Mind, or Thoughts, and Heart energy.  

These concepts are very similar to the concepts we observe in Dr. Michael Ryce’s work, and The Way of Mastery, and A Course In Miracles.  We understand the tremendous benefit to our understanding of these concepts, and how it happens more quickly and deeply, when we hear them from slightly different perspectives.

Please join us tonight if you are able, or listen to the archive when I post it.  The information about joining us tonight at 6:30 pm Central Time is available on my website – Click Here

Thanks for reading and passing this on to anyone you know who may be interested.

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Processing at Mindshifters Group and on Mindshifters Radio

Last Tuesday in the Mindshifters Group in Woodstock, IL, after the discussion, no one else wanted to do a worksheet so I volunteered.  The worksheet helped me access some deep emotions and tapped into some processing that has been going on within me for decades.  I shed some tears in the group, and made some connections between life events that had previously escaped my conscious awareness.  Then on Wednesday morning I awoke with a migraine headache.  Fortunately I was scheduled to meet with a friend who does an energy work called NET, and it is very much like the Reality Management Worksheet/Wake-Up sheet process only it has the benefit of reading the body’s energy system to diagnose which energy flow is disrupted.

I had my partner work on me, and it took the entire 90 minutes for me to do a series of five or six releases.  At the end of that time, I felt completely drained and still had some headache discomfort.  I laid down for fifteen minutes before seeing my next patient and then went right into hosting the Internet Radio Show – Mindshifters Radio – since Dr. Ryce had texted during my session and asked if I could host the show that day.

The resulting show found me reading my worksheet out loud and then discussing my process with the NET releases.  Several people said they found this show very helpful so I am including a link to the show, and a link to the “Forgiveness Patter” that I include when someone does a worksheet in either support group.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Listen to the Internet Show Here

Forgiveness Patter

We Come From Love.  We Are Made Of Love.  We Are Love.  Everything else is false.



Recording of Thursday Mindshifters Group 11-8-2019 Now Available

Dear Friends,

The journey continues and we now have a recording of last night’s Mindshifter Support Group available to listening.  Again, this is a group which meets physically in Crystal Lake, IL in my office, and for the past two weeks we have opened up the group to people joining us through Zoom web-conferencing.  You can get information on my website about how to join future groups.  Here is that link

You can click the link below to listen or download the lecture and discussion part of last night’s group.  Please feel free to share this information with anyone who may be interested, and feel free to join us again next Thursday.

Click Here To Listen

Thanks to everyone who reads these posts and shares the work which is available for Free at www.whyagain.org

There is also an Internet Show five days each week from noon to 1:00 pm Central time, and an archive of those shows which have been running since January 2011.  t

The best way to access the Internet shows is through https://whyagain.org/index.php/en/multimedia/audio-video-free/mindshifter-radio

These shows serve as a discussion forum, and TUTORIAL for how to use these tools to improve one’s life, one worksheet at a time, one breath session at a time, one day at a time.

We Come From Love.  We Are Made Of Love.  We Are Love.  Everything else is false.


A Recording Is Available of the Talk From Thursday’s Mindshifter Group 11-1-2018

Dear Friends,

We have launched our Thursday Mindshifter Group into a new incarnation, in which it is accessible through Zoom web conferencing.  The information about that is available on my website at https://ch4cs.com/mindshifter-support-groups 

The recording of our second group meeting has now been edited to remove the personal processing of some of the members.  What is left is my talking about various topics and responses to questions from group participants.

The topics included “Who are we really?”, are we a label, an identity, or “Awareness itself”?.  We talked about Michael Singer’s work and how it is important for us to recognize the perfect safety of each moment, and how the moment has nothing to do with who and what we truly are.
EFT tapping was discussed, along with Faster EFT tapping.

Regulatory Speech was another topic, since it came up in someone’s statement, and it is such an important part of the tools that Dr. Michael Ryce teaches.  I discussed how it can be used to program my mind in either a positive or negative way, and it can be used reveal to me the hidden contents of my mind.

We also talked about Craig Hamilton’s research about how there is a hidden part in each of us that likes change, and knows that change is the only way for us to grow.  This part needs three things for it to be developed and strengthened in us.  Awareness of its existence; willingness to strengthen it; and Community – it does not show itself in isolation.

The recording is available here:

Please feel free to join us next Thursday and share this information with anyone you feel may benefit.

We Come From Love.  We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love.  Everything else is false.