Special Affection as a Trigger

Last night in the Tuesday Mindshifters group in Woodstock, IL we listened  to some of the discussion from yesterday’s  Mindshifters Radio show in which a quote from Albert Einstein was mentioned.  In that quote, Einstein says that the illusion that we are separate or separated from anyone or anything else, is a form of optical delusion.  He goes on to say that the delusion leads us to hold special affection for a few people and things closest to us, and that this special affection creates a prison for us.  He suggests that we need to eliminate the prison by extending our affection equally to all people and all of nature.

When this was mentioned  on the Internet show, it triggered a very strong response  in at least one listener, who contacted my by email and let me  know just how upset she was.  So, when I got to the group last night I decided to share that portion of the Internet show with the group.  Then we discussed the concepts, and the ways it was triggering for some people.  The basic point of contention is that we are taught, at least in this culture, that we are to love family and close friends more than we love strangers, and those with whom we have very little contact.  The question that was being posed by those who were triggered was, “Well then what is the point of friendship and lovers, if we feel the same way toward everyone?”.  The people who were triggered were able to identify emotions like fear and confusion in response to the concept of having the same level of affection for everyone, and all of creation.

As we  discussed these important questions each person worked to realize that whatever emotion they were feeling, was their own personal creation.  The point was made that Love is a noun, not a verb.  We don’t Love others.  We are however, capable of practicing the conscious awareness of our true nature as Love when we are with others.  We also discussed how holding special affection for those who are closest to us is one sure way to plant the seeds of violence, and even war.  If we value one person’s life above that of another, we will be willing to sacrifice or attack anyone  or anything which we feel may threaten our “loved one”.  The problem with this is that we will also be willing to attack anyone or anything which we feel is threatening our “special affection” or “special relationship” with that “loved one” even on an emotional level.  We will even be able to feel rage and attack the person we say we “love”, if he or she threatens to “take their love away” from us.  This in all likelihood is the basis of all domestic violence and emotional abuse.

We also discussed the fallacy of assuming that Love is a “zero sum game”.  If Love is a “zero sum game” that means that there is only so much Love to go around.  If  for instance I only have 100 units of Love available for me to give to others, then I better ration it so that I am sure I have enough for the people I feel are most important.  Let’s say that I give 25 units of Love to each of my two children and 40 units of Love to my spouse.  That would mean that I only have ten units left to give to everyone else in my life, so clearly there won’t be any left of the neighbor, or the person down the street, or the next town over, or those in another country.  The way the creator set it up, we don’t have to extend less Love to our family members, so that there will be more Love for our neighbors and strangers.   Love grows as it is shared!

I offer you the observation that Love is energy, and the more I give of it the more I experience my true nature as that energy, and the more I open myself to receive the experience of it in others.  The energy of Love is the energy of creation, and the experience of it goes beyond the ability of words to describe it.  Love grows as it is shared, and the experience of Love creates more of itself in an endless, ever expanding process.  As Love creates, Love multiplies and expands.  If you want to experience Love, don’t look to “be loved” by anyone or anything else.  If you want to experience Love, extend the Love that you are, in each interaction with everyone, and everything in your  life.

After the discussion we had a very brave group member ask for support in doing a worksheet out loud in the group, despite the fact that she was “extremely anxious” about doing something in front of the group.  She finally decided to do a worksheet on the extreme anxiety she felt about doing the worksheet.  It was a very instructive process and the entire group benefited.  We ended the process with several rounds of Faster EFT tapping and tapping out the Cortices from Body Talk Access.

Thanks to all those who participated and to those who will be joining us tomorrow night for the Crystal Lake Mindshifters Group  from 6:30 – 9:00 pm.  800  McHenry Ave. Suite B, Crystal Lake, IL. 60014

We Come From  Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love!  Everything else is false.

Stress Portrait of a Killer

On last Thursday evening the Mindshifters group in Crystal Lake watched the hour long documentary video available on YouTube titled: Stress, Portrait of a Killer.

The discussion afterwards was very lively and one of the participants commented that it was just what she needed to hear that evening to help her get perspective on something going on in her life right now.  This so often happens in these groups, that what we are discussing and watching is “coincidentally” relevant to what many people  in the group are dealing with that day, or week.

The strongest “take away” for me from this viewing of the documentary was that this baboon troop was transformed from an atmosphere of aggression and brutality, to one of Loving and nurturing, in less than one generation.  If the baboon troop with their level of consciousness and awareness can change that rapidly,  what can we as conscious beings, and having the tools offered in the Mindshifters groups do in an even shorter period of time?


We Come From Love, We Are Made of Love, We are Love!  Everything  else is false.


A Powerful Combination of Reality Management Worksheet and Faster EFT Tapping

The Tuesday Evening Mindshifter Group in Woodstock, IL last night was another delightful gathering of ten people who are dedicated to improving the quality of their lives by applying these practical tools! We watched the second half of the lecture, Why Is This Happening To Me Again, and then watched a twenty minute video by Robert Smith in which he discusses the nature of healing and mental stress. I chose to show this particular short talk because Robert Smith uses many of the same foundational principles taught by Dr. Michael Ryce. In fact, when Dr. Michael Ryce watched this same short talk, he commented that it sounded like an echo of himself. That lecture can be found on YouTube by searching for – “229 Spiritually Speaking Faster EFT”.

After these two video lectures we discussed the material and answered questions about the nature of the realities we create within ourselves, and the power of canceling goals, and releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us. Then someone volunteered to do a Reality Management Worksheet on a negative feeling of “depression” or “malaise” which has been “happening to her” recently, even though she was not able to identify any negative thoughts related to those feelings. This was another wonderful opportunity to demonstrate that you can use a Reality Management Worksheet for any situation, event, thought, feeling, person, place or interaction, past, present, or future, living or dead. It may take a little work to choose what to put in each of the blank spaces on the worksheet – but it is always possible to do a Reality Management Worksheet whenever I do not like how I am thinking or feeling – either physically, or emotionally. At several points in the worksheet the person had to just write down that she was going “blank”, or “unconscious” and then move on to the next part of the process.

The worksheet was very productive for the person who chose to do it. When she canceled the goal she was holding for herself today, she got in touch with a serious emotional trauma which happened years ago. We then decided to follow the Reality Management Worksheet process with several rounds of tapping using the Faster EFT method – (which you can find on YouTube.com by searching for “Faster EFT”). As a result of using these two tools, this group member was able to release a lot of negative emotional energy, and negative conclusions about herself before she was done with the process.

Again, I offer my gratitude to those who participate in these groups and support themselves and others in learning to live more consistently from the knowledge of their true nature as Love.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

Mindshifters Groups Both Tuesday and Thursday Evenings

Happy New Year to all! We have had a wonderful time in the Tuesday Mindshifters Group these past two weeks, and due to the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays occurring on Thursdays, we have not met on Thursday Evening the past two weeks. This week we will return to our regular schedule and meet tonight in Woodstock at the Unity Spiritual Center, and then on Thursday at 800 McHenry Ave., Crystal Lake. Both groups meet from 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM.

Last week we watched the first half of the core lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce – Why Is This Happening To Me Again?, and then had a discussion and wonderful example of the Reality Management Worksheet process which began in the middle of the worksheet. This allowed for a wonderful learning experience about the fact that you can start with any part of the worksheet which seems clear, even though many parts of the worksheet seem to be confusing or elusive. The other thing that was demonstrated through the process last week was how many different worksheets can be discovered while trying to complete the worksheet for the original upset.

We have talked about the Faster EFT process, and tonight we may watch a portion of a video about how similar the Faster EFT process is to the Reality Management Worksheet process, and how similar the teachings are of the man who created Faster EFT, to the teachings of Dr. Michael Ryce. This combination of tools is so wonderfully effective that you simply have to experience it to believe it.

Please feel free to join us either Tuesday Evenings, or Thursday Evenings, OR BOTH!!!

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.