A Request for Feedback

Dear Friends,

I have a desire to drive more traffic to the FREE tools that Dr. Michael Ryce and his wife Jeanie are making available through their website at www.whyagain.org, and through the Internet Radio Show they have hosted for over seven years on BlogTalkRadio.com.

To that end, I have written an introduction that I hope to broadcast in different ways to motivate people to visit their website, listen to the Internet Show, or visit the archives of past shows.

Please read the following and give me your feedback about whether this would motivate you to visit their website, or inquire further about these tools.  The problem I have after working with these tools for so many years is that I know their value and use them daily, so it is difficult for me to imagine living my life without them.  As such, I often just assume that anyone who is having difficulty in their emotional lives, or relationships will just naturally want to use these tools.  

So, I am asking for honest feedback on what about the following script would either appeal to you, turn you off, or just leave you flat.  If you would be kind enough to respond in the comments with your thoughts and reactions I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is the script I am proposing:

“I’m Tim Hayes – I’m a clinical psychologist with over 44 years of doing therapy in many different settings throughout my career.

I want to share with you some of the most powerful, efficient, and accessible “TOOLS” I have learned for improving the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of my life.

Your investment in these tools will be your time and effort. The return on your investment has the potential of going beyond words, each time you apply them.

A tool is only productive if someone picks it up and uses it. 

What would it be worth to you to relieve your anxiety without medication, or years of therapy?

What would it be worth to you to alleviate the stress of your anger without medication or years of therapy?

What would it be worth to you to relieve the effects of past trauma in your life without medication or years of therapy?

What would it be worth to you to improve the quality and intimacy in your relationships?
Is it worth your time and effort?

Here is a recent unsolicited testimonial – ”

Dear Dr. Tim
Just want let you know how much Cindy and I have benefited from the work you do along with the whole Mind Shifters team. We live a quite, peaceful life now with an abundance of gratitude and appreciation from doing the work and applying every day.

The truth does set one free.
Sincerely,”  – 

Are you worth it?

If so, and if you are willing to explore solutions that may go against most everything you have been taught about your thoughts, your emotions, your relationships, and even your physical pain and discomfort, then click here to visit www.whyagain.org where you can have direct, FREE access some of the most powerful, effective, and easily accessible tools I have ever encountered.”


Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input.


We Come From Love.  We Are Made Of Love.  We Are Love.  Everything else is false. 

This Work Is Amazing To Me

Dear Friends,

The work we do in Mindshifters groups, and on the Mindshifters Internet Radio Show five days each week for the last seven and a half years, continues to amaze me.  The fact is that the use of these tools is changing my life for the better every day.  An added blessing is that I get to see, and hear how the use of these tools is improving other people’s lives on a regular basis.

I am going to include in this blog post links to four recent radio shows.  The thing that makes the first two shows so powerful is the level of honesty that Michele uses in presenting her upset, and doing her work.  If I am going to heal, I must be willing to learn more about what I have been hiding from my self.  I must be willing to face and process out every level of pain, fear, sadness, and anger that I generate, or hold in my system.

In the first two shows from August 2018 Michele does just that.  The results she gets are deep, profound, lasting, and repeatable.  Please listen to the shows with an eye for how each person begins by believing that someone, or something, outside of them has caused their upset, and by the end of applying these tools, they realize that it was all an “inside job”.   In my experience the power of these tools cannot be overstated.

By the third show on Friday August 3, 2018 Michele stated that even though she tried to bring up the anger, sadness, and hurt that she began talking about on August 1st, she could find no trace of it in her mind, or body energy system.  

The fourth show I offer is from Monday August 6, 2018 and it is just another wonderful example of how, if I am willing to quit talking about my problem, quit trying to reason my way to a solution, and simply apply one of the tools Dr. Ryce offers for FREE,  (www.whyagain.org),  I can transform my experience from sadness, anger, or even TERROR, to one of calmness and joy.

While each of these audio files is a complete Internet show in itself, for the most clarity, the first three shows should be listened to in order of their dates, for maximum benefit and continuity.  

The fourth show, from August 6, 2018 stands alone, and is not linked in content to the other shows.

Mindshifter Radio Show 8/1/2018

Mindshifter Radio Show 8/2/2018

Mindshifter Radio Show 8/3/2018

Mindshifter Radio Show 8/6/2018

Please feel free to share these recordings with anyone you know who may benefit from learning some of the most powerful and effective tools I have ever been exposed to in my 44 years of doing therapy.

We Come From Love.  We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love.  Everything else is false.