Mindshifters Support Group 8-20-2013

Last night’s support group was attended by 14 loving souls who watched the first half of Dr. Ryce’s video titled “On Creating Consciously”. This lecture discusses the process by which we create with our Mind Energy and how we have no choice about whether we will create, we can only choose what we create. We can create from a space of Love or a space of Fear and Hostility. The wisdom of the ancients tells us that we always get what we focus our mind energy upon, and therefore we get what we ask for. Therefore if we have things show up in our lives which we don’t like, our task is to discover how it is we are asking for that energy or experience. For the person who says they have prayed for money to come into their life for twenty years, and they still never have enough money, they need to explore the details of how they are praying and how much and with what kind of energy. In the example given in the lecture the man spent ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening each day praying for more money. Then he went about his day, working two jobs, feeling overwhelmed complaining about how little he was paid and how hard he worked and complaining about the constant lack of money. The twenty minutes of quiet prayer asking for more money were nothing compared to the hours of deep emotional turmoil and complaining that this man spent each day on his lack of money. The ancient scriptures tell us, “Ask and Receive”, “You will reap as you sow.” This man’s creation was in perfect alignment with how he focused his mind energy. Twenty minutes a day of quietly focusing on asking for more, and hour upon hour of intense emotional energy focused on the lack of money and his resentment of same.

The group then discussed some of these concepts and people shared about the things these concepts stirred up for them. One member shared a worksheet and did a wonderful job of describing how her initial conscious focus on “eating sugar” and the fear of getting diabetes, were simply distractions to another very emotional and upsetting event that happened when she was a child. Her description of the process was highly illuminating and very instructive for some of our newer members who are still struggling to grasp the Reality Management Worksheet process.

This sharing led to the sharing of another member who was still processing the effects of a worksheet issue she shared last week. This member shared about how she did not feel resolution after the worksheet she did last week in the group and that she was so agitated and upset that she did not sleep last Tuesday night. She described how she stayed with the process of focusing on what she was feeling until eventually she realized that the upset she had from last week was not at all about the issues that her conscious mind was telling her it was about. She shared that she realized she was feeling very uncomfortable with all the support, tenderness and caring she received from the group last week. This helped connect her to the realization that she has struggled with accepting tenderness from people for as long as she can remember. She made the connection between this realization and the fact that her mother had lost a child who only lived one month, just a few months before her mother became pregnant with her. She realized that her mother was overwhelmed with negative emotions and did not want to be pregnant and that is part of why she never felt wanted or welcomed by her mother.

The group offered to simply sit with this member and send her Love and loving thoughts and energy to see how that would feel to her now. The experience was powerful and instructive, and was only possible because of the willingness of this member to stay with her feelings and openly share with the group.

Again, I wish to thank each and every person who was in attendance last night and all of those who have attended this group over the years, to add their love and willingness to work to remove everything that is unlike Love from their minds and bodies, and therefore open the space for healing for themselves and others.

To access the Reality Management Worksheet for free visit http://www.whyagain.org/index.php/en/worksheets

We Come From Love, We Are Made of Love, We Are Love! Everything Else Is False.

Mindshifters Support Group 8-13-2013

Tonight in the support group we listened to a talk from Guy Finley and then had some discussion about the topic of the talk which was “Taking the high ground” and learning to “Be there – just-a-watchin-it”. The idea is that when we experience a negative state, most of us try to fix it and change it, often by blaming someone or something else for our negative state. This talk highlights the fact that since we are creating our own negative state with the very mind with which we are trying to fix it, we are only creating more problems. We are creating what David Bohm called sustained incoherence, with what he calls our Replicate Mind. When I am in a prison created by my own thoughts and I try to think my way out of it, it is not likely to go well.

So Guy Finley suggests in his talk that what is needed is for us to learn to “Be there – just-a-watchin-it”, and allow something greater than our logical mind to act on us, and change us so that we stop creating the negative state. He suggests that if we do this, we will leave that situation changed in a way that cannot happen if we strain and struggle to change ourselves or our situation with our logical mind.

After the discussion we had a very courageous group member offer to do a Reality Management Worksheet on an issue which has bothered her for months. The group supported this member as she described her racing heart and physical shaking which were the product of the “negative state” she was creating. I want to thank this group member for her courage and persistence and I want to thank all the individual group members who supported her lovingly and patiently while she worked through this intensely emotional issue.

This particular worksheet was a wonderful example of the talk given by Guy Finley, and the process of the Reality Management Worksheet , in that this group member had done several worksheets about this very issue in the past, and she “knew” what it related to.  She felt very certain that this negative state she was feeling was being “caused”, or “triggered” by a present day situation, which was similar to a pattern of interaction from her family of origin. Yet the negative state continued and she was stuck in her negative state, despite feeling that she understood its origins.

In this work we understand that when we clearly see all there is to see about how we are creating our negative states, they simply fall away. So clearly this group member had not seen the true origins of her negative state, because the negative state persisted.

With her dedication, persistence and courage, aided by the Love and support of the group, this member did a worksheet and canceled her need to be right, and canceled her beliefs about what was causing this negative state and asked to be shown the true origins of her discomfort. Within minutes she was aware of a completely different event from her childhood which did not have to do with her family of origin, and for which she was still holding very strong negative thoughts and emotions. She gave the group the gift of watching a powerful demonstration of the need to give up trying to figure things out, and the tremendous advantages that come from learning to “Be there – just-a-watchin-it” and letting  a power greater than our logical mind act for us in that moment.

I am awed at the power of this work and at the quality and dedication of the people who attend this group with a passion to improve their lives.

Thank you one and all!

To get free access to the Reality Management Worksheet please visit http://www.whyagain.org/index.php/en/worksheets

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything Else Is False.


I Want A Better Life, But I Don’t Like Change!

I was privileged to give the talk on Sunday August 11, 2013 at the Unity Spiritual Center in Woodstock, IL.  The topic was listed in the bulletin as: “But my hands are full!”; What most of us tell God or the Universe when he/she/it tries to give us a better life.  The theme of the talk is the idea of our resistance to change, and what we can do about it.  In the talk I tell  two stories and reveal  to the audience two things they probably did not know about themselves.  If you would like to listen to this talk, you can hear it or download it here: http://www.ch4cs.com/audio.asp?ID=172

I look  forward to your honest comments in response to the talk.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love!  Everything Else Is False.

Voices in Our Heads

I have been a therapist for 39 years now and have had the privilege over those years to work with many wonderful, loving and magnificent people. Many of those people have heard voices in their heads which has made their lives more challenging and at times, more difficult and more rewarding.  It has been an honor to work with these people just as it has been an honor to work with every person who has sought my help to improve his/her relationships, health, and life.

I just watched a TED.com talk by a very bright and courageous woman.  She says, more concisely and powerfully than I ever could, exactly what I have worked with dozens of people to help them see about themselves and their voices.  She does this in less than 15 minutes.  I am awed!


Please share this with anyone you think may be interested.  As awareness of this process and its usefulness grows, many will benefit!  Thank You for Sharing.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love!  Everything Else Is False.

Hello Again!

Dear Friends,

I have been blessedly busy with multiple projects, the Mindshifters Group, and my practice and I have not taken time to write a post since December.

One of the projects was converting my old blog to the WordPress software and getting it hosted on my website so that I have more control over what happens with it and where people can link to from my blog, etc.

I hope this new software is easy enough to use and that my new method for delivering blog posts to your email is successful. I will be using Aweber and they will send out emails of my blog posts to everyone who signs up using the new sign-up page I created.

Please let me know if you have any problems with receiving or reading the blog posts that I email to you with that new system.

One of the projects I have been working on is writing a new book titled: The Seven Power Keys: How To Build Ultimate Success In Your Personal and Professional Life.

The subtitle may change a little but the basic book outline is based on the seven observations I have shared with patients in therapy for many years now, as the most important places for me to look when I get stuck.

Because I find it very useful for my writing and editing process, I have made audio recordings of the rough, rough drafts of the chapters as they are being written. So, as a sneak peek for those of you on this blog, I am including a link to my website on the page with the audio files where I keep audio files of some of my public presentations.

You will need to scroll down past the first Audio Clips section to the one labeled Seven Power Keys Audio if you are interested in listening to the progress on the book –   http://www.ch4cs.com/audio.asp

Please remember these are just rough drafts and that I am working with a book coach and there will also be an editor, so that rough edges will definitely be worked out before the book makes it to final publishing.

I hope  you enjoy the group, the blog, the audio files or whatever else you try out at my website, and thank you for being here.

We Come  From Love,  We Are Made of Love, We Are Love! Everything Else Is  False.