Thoughts on When Tragedy Strikes

I have been busy this past year and have not posted many entries on this blog because I have been blessed with many Loving interactions with a wide variety of people.  None of these Loving interactions have made it to the television or radio news.  None of them were violent enough, selfish enough, hurtful enough or resulted in devastation,  loss,  rape, violence or death which would qualify it for television or radio news.

I have been telling people for decades to turn off the so called television and radio “news”.  This is not the news.  It is a collection of the worst of the worst tragedies, traumas and natural disasters from around the world.  These items and events are selected to play to the lowest common denominator, and sensationalism for the sole purpose of achieving the highest possible ratings.

I have told people  that there is a reason that our eyes can only see so far and our ears can only hear from so far away.  The reason is that there is only so much we can do and respond to in our environment before we become overwhelmed.  If you watch the television or listen to the radio “news”, and you try to maintain your human sensibilities and  compassion, you will quickly either become depressed and overwhelmed, or numbed-out and shut-down.

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