Praise for "The Journey" by Brandon Bays

Recently I had yet another person thank me for recommending the book: The Journey, by Brandon Bays, published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. The synopsis of the book is that Brandon tells her story of eliminating a basketball size tumor in her abdomen, without surgery, radiation or chemo-therapy.

One of the key concepts that Brandon relied on in her journey, is the belief that every illness, or disease that our bodies do not heal, contains a message or a lesson for us. Once the lesson is learned the body is free to let go of that pattern of disease or illness and heal itself. This is a critical concept for an increasing number of health professionals both in the physical and mental/emotional areas. The core of this process is understood by Depth-Oriented Brief Therapy, and the constructivist movement in psychology.

There are an increasing number of theoretical and practical approaches which are not based on seeing the person as diseased, or having a pathology. These approaches recognize that the person is responding in adaptive and survival oriented patterns regardless of how unhealthy the response may seem to an outside observer. The basic premise in these approaches is to help the person understand the hidden motivations they hold for creating the very pattern they are trying to eliminate by going to the doctor or therapist. Once the motivations are understood, and the adaptive nature of the person’s response pattern is clear, then the person can choose to change the pattern, or continue it with the understanding that it is needed.

These patterns can be anything; over-eating, anxiety, depression, any compulsive behavior, a series of unhealthy relationships, anger problems, shyness or any other symptom pattern that brings a person to a doctor or therapist’s office. The understanding is that the individual is not sick, and that the individual’s behavior makes sense in a protective and adaptive manner, once all the subconscious and emotional truths are known.

This basic understanding is, in my opinion, one of the most important factors in helping people quickly achieve lasting change in their lives. The rate of change in this system is not limited by what the therapist thinks is needed. The rate of change is only dictated by the individual’s willingness to move forward. When it is understood that the individual is creating the very pattern they are asking the therapist to eliminate, the individual understands that they alone have the ability to change that pattern. Once the individual understands why and how they have been creating the pattern, they will know whether the pattern is truly needed, or whether there is another, more comfortable way to satisfy their needs.

Brandon used her knowledge of this process to eliminate the barriers to her body’s healing of a basketball size tumor. Many others have used the knowledge of this process to free themselves of physical and emotional problems ranging from headaches to suicidal thoughts and depression. Brandon outlines the steps in her book which makes it possible for others to duplicate her process.

Comments on my Healing and Healers Post

Last week I received two comments on my post Healing and Healers. One was helpful, the other just angry. The helpful post commented that the healer in question does indeed facilitate others to use their body’s own energy to do the work of healing, and gave a more extensive quote from the website to substantiate this. The other comment was just angry and attacked me for what I wrote.

The comments I made were only sparked by what I saw on the television and I gave the website for that healer so that others could check it out for themselves. There is an old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The television show was probably, like most other shows, just trying to be controversial to promote their ratings and therefore giving a biased view of the work the healer does. The point of my article is not to focus on any specific healer but to address the general pattern of being passive with regard to our health.

The point I was making is that anyone who tries to tell you that you need them to heal, is no different from the physician, or the drug company that insists you need their procedure or product to heal or be healthy. What I am advocating is for each individual to be active in their pursuit of health, rather than waiting for illness or disease to take hold and then scramble around trying to find a “cure”. The cure that most physicians and drug companies offer is, most often, a masking or elimination of symptoms, rather than a lifestyle that facilitates the body’s health.

Healing and Healers

Earlier this week I saw part of the ABC Television Special about Adam, a nineteen year old boy in Canada. His website refers to him as …”a gifted distant energy healer and best-selling author of three books about his work”.

I was moved to write about this because Adam claims to heal people and to access energy that he directs, which does the healing to the person. All of the good “healers” I have known and read about over the years are clear that they don’t heal anyone. They are clear that the human body and the power that made the human body are what heals the human body. At best the great “healers” facilitate a process which the body carries out naturally. Most often this process is facilitated by removing toxins, or other blocks to the healing process and adding nutrition which the body needs to heal itself.

There are many good examples of people who work with healing energy, who are very clear about the fact that they are not “doing the healing to anyone”. Several examples of this are the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, the Neuro-Emotional Technique, and the Emotional Freedom Technique. ( )

I encourage everyone to move away from the traditional medical model precisely because it assumes that the body is diseased and needs a physician to intervene and give a medication or perform a surgical procedure to fix the problem. This is no different from needing to go to a “healer” who will perform the act of healing on the person.

The difficulty with this approach is that patient is a passive participant in the process. The patient simply lives their life without regard for their health, and then when problems arise, they go to the doctor, or the healer to get fixed. I strongly encourage people to get actively involved in their life and their health since this is the only approach I have ever seen which provides lasting results.

Take charge of your life and actively work to give your body what it needs to perform the miracle of healing and health!

You can learn more about Adam at

Anger Is A "Survival-Level" Defense Mechanism

Anger is part of a seemingly miraculous and exceedingly complex system that has allowed humans to survive for thousands of years. Since anger is a survival level defense mechanism, it creates powerful and extensive physical changes in our bodies, each time we experience anger. This is true even if we are not consciously aware that we are angry. The anger response is a survival level response which triggers our bodies to prepare for escape, or battle. This means that specific chemicals and hormones are released into our blood, the blood flow changes throughout the body and a specialized portion of our nervous system is engaged to ensure that the major muscle groups have more oxygen and are ready for serious physical exertion. During the time that the body is experiencing the anger response, it is not able to relax, or heal, or rejuvenate. This is just the biological truth of the way the human body operates.

The partner to the anger response is the “Relaxation Response”. This is the pattern of “shutting-down” that happens once the physical threat has passed. During the relaxation response, the body shifts the blood flow and engages an entirely different set of neurological and hormonal processes which are designed to help the body recuperate and restore its normal functioning. This may involve sleep or it may simply involve relaxation but it includes a period of calm and rest from the intense physical activity that was needed to escape or fight for survival.

It is important to remember that the only healthy reason for anger is to protect a person from serious physical harm or death. Any time you experience anger and your physical survival is not being threatened, you are needlessly putting your body into a position in which it cannot fight infection, recuperate from stress, disease or physical injury, or eliminate toxins that have been introduced into your system.

Sadly the nature of our thought process and the culture we have created puts most of us in the position where we are frequently angry, either consciously or sub-consciously. The result is that we have come to accept frequent anger and frustration as part of our daily lives. This is literally killing us!

Perhaps the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health, and stop interfering with your body’s ability to heal itself and fight disease, is to monitor your feelings of anger and frustration and find a way to change them to feelings of gratitude and acceptance. Some of us are so stuck in the pattern of anger and frustration that we will not be able to simply stop. If your physical-emotional response pattern is too strong to respond to your logic, try using a technique like The Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT). This is a simple and effective way to give yourself an acupressure treatment for your emotions. The manual is available free on the internet at It is simple, powerful and effective!

Let go of your anger and frustration and give your body permission to heal itself and restore your health!

Take Charge of Your Own Health!

Dr. Morter has been creating and improving his health system for forty years. The basis of his system is putting the patient in control of their health so that they are constantly working to improve their health and strengthen their immune system. He insists that the traditional medical model is dead even though it has not yet been buried.

There are a growing number of options for people who don’t want to wait until they are ill and then go to the doctor for a pill to remove their symptoms. Dr. Morter has developed the B.E.S.T. system as just one of these options. I highly recommend this system because it focuses on several key components that are not included in many other systems.

One key component to the Morter health system is the awareness of the body’s acid/alkaline balance. There have been many complex books written recently about the need to decrease the acidity in the body, but Dr. Morter makes this process easy to understand.

Another important aspect of the Morter health system is the recognition that our thoughts create physical responses in our bodies. Negative thoughts and beliefs create a stress response which produces acid, among other things, that needs to be eliminated.

The Morter Health System blends the knowledge of the body’s physiology, the body’s energy systems and the psychology of emotions into one comprehensive system for health. They are not the only system which does this, but they are perhaps the most comprehensive and well established.

Check out Morter Health Systems at They have a listing of providers on their website so you can even visit a practitioner to learn the benefits first hand.

Live Connected, Congruent and Flowing!

Back from a long break.

I just received a invitation to a new blog from a friend.

It reminded me that I had created this blog back in December.

Since I created this blog I have had two additional trainings in energy techniques.

The Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, (B.E.S.T.) was created by a chiropractor and is the centerpiece in a total health system that is highly effective. It calls upon the individual to actively participate in their health.

The fundamental philosophy is that everything that is happening with us physically and emotionally is a perfect response to the energy that created us, and the interference we place in it’s way. This interference is primarily thoughts, beliefs and old emotional patterns that get triggered repeatedly.

Within this system there are six health essentials to monitor. Everything we: eat, drink, breathe, excercise, rest and think. The acronym for this is “uncle E.D.B.E.R.T.” The system pays close attention to the acid/alkaline balance in our body and blood stream, and they teach you how to increase your alkaline reserve so that your body can handle stress and fight disease more effectively. It is a great system!

You can learn more details at