Mindshifters Group – Empowered to Heal

Last night the Mindshifters group in Crystal Lake watched the second half of the lecture, “Empowered to Heal” by Dr. Michael Ryce.  This lecture looks at how we create not only our emotional experience of life moment to moment, but also our physical dis-ease.  The lecture discusses a collection of ancient wisdom and modern science which describes the process of denying and suppressing “negative” or disintegrative Mind energy, which eventually causes physical pain and cellular decomposition.  This was a particularly timely presentation as several of the people who attended the group last week had mentioned issues with aches, pain, or discomfort of some sort.  Then on Monday the Mindshifters Internet show featured a discussion of the role of emotional upset in physcial pain, especially back pain.  The work of Dr. John Sarno, http://www.healingbackpain.com/, was discussed as well as some personal stories of people who have learned that different specific physical pains are related to mental and emotional energies they have yet to deal with.

“Mindbody medicine pioneer, Dr. John E. Sarno, is Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University School of Medicine and attending physician at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University Medical Center.

Since 1973, Dr. Sarno has conducted research and clinical practice on disorders relating to musculoskeletal pain. Through his ground-breaking experience, Dr. Sarno has identified the cause of most common back, neck, shoulder and limb pain, and has developed a revolutionary Mindbody treatment program which has helped many to become free from chronic pain.”

I have had numerous personal experiences and worked with many patients in my clinical psychology practice who have experienced the quick and sometimes total relief of pain which results when the trapped emotional energy which is behind the pain is released or dismantled.  I have personally had the experience of intense hip pain, which was making it nearly impossible for me to walk, be resolved immediately when I used a Mind/Body energy technique which identified the emotion I was holding and released it.

The Mindshifters Radio internet show about this topic from Monday is available at the following web page.  It is  the October 24, 2011 show: http://www.whyagain.com/mindshifterradio_October2011Archive.php
And you can listen to the show each weekday from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM Central Time by calling
1-646-200-4169 or logging on to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/earthangelsradio/2011/10/27/mind-shifters-radio-with-the-forgiveness-dr-michael-ryce

Once again, this is a free resource – like so much of the work done by Dr. Michael Ryce and his wife Jeanie – offered to make these tools available to anyone who needs them.

The power of the reality management worksheet to dismantle and remove painful “realities” from one’s mind is truly a wonder to behold.  Try it for yourself.  Download the worksheet and use it to dismantle and cancel any “reality” or belief you hold which is related to any uncomfortable mental, emotional, or physical experience you are having.

I would love to hear about your experiences.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love.  Everything else is false.

An Aramaic Definition of Forgiveness

This coming Sunday, October 16th, 20011, I will be giving the sermon at the Unity Church in Crystal Lake, IL.  Then following the service, I will be giving a two and a half hour workshop titled, “Why Is This Happening To Me Again?”.  The workshop will not require a fee, but a suggested donation of $12 will be accepted for those who are able to pay.  There will be pot luck at the church between the service and the workshop.  For details you may visit the UCCL website at http://uccl.org/dr.timse.html.

The talk during  the service will introduce the concept of the difference between the ancient Aramaic definition of forgiveness and the modern concept of “pardoning” someone who has “wronged” you.  Then during the workshop, we will explore and question how the processes of anger, fear, and blame drive many of our human interactions and what we can do about it. 

I will present a tool as offered by Dr. Michael Ryce for cancelling and removing any thoughts and beliefs which result in negative emotions within the human mind/body system.  This time-tested tool is available for free from Dr. Ryce’s website.  Please feel free to visit this site if you are not able to attend the workshop.  Simply visit www.whyagain.com/worksheets.php and download the first four links on that page.  These include an explanation of the tool, with step by step instructions, the seven step worksheet itself, and two hour-long audio files of Dr. Ryce’s internet show in which he works with two different callers to complete the worksheet process.

This tool has the potential to change your life.  I say potential because it only works if you pick it up and use it.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love.  Everything else is false.

"You Can’t Handle The Truth!", Or Can You?

For years now I have been trying to explain to people in therapy how there is a part of my mind which believes it is being protective by hiding from me things which “it” has determined are too intense,  too painful, too scary, too anger producing, too overwhelming, etc.  It is as though this part of my mind, which is outside my own awareness, is consantly monitoring everything that happens around me, and my internal response to those events.  Whenever it feels that the outside event, or my response to that event is too much for me to handle it quickly and effectively hides it from me by pushing it into my unconscious.

The difficulty here is that it is my own mind energy which has been used to block my awareness of the event and my reaction to it.  It is also my own mind energy which has to be used to keep this event and my reaction to it, hidden from my conscious awareness.  Now, when I am young, and have lots of energy, and not very many events and reactions that “have to be hidden from me”, I don’t really notice the drain on my mental energy system, and the added weight of the unconscious material I am carrying around with me.  However, after I reach my third or fourth decade of using my mental energy to hide things from my awareness, and I accumulate more and more unconscious baggage to carry around with me, I begin to run low on resources.  I become more easily overwhelmed, tired, irritable, and inflexible because I have less energy to think through and respond to situations and events, and to process my emotional reactions to them.

It came to me the other day that I avoid looking at the material stored in my unconscious because “I” have placed it there following the conclusion reached by a “protective” part of my mind, saying, “You Can’t Handle This!!!”  This reminded me of the movie, A Few Good Men, in which Tom Cruise plays an attorney in the military searching for the truth, while Jack Nicholson plays an officer who is hiding the truth.  In the most memorable scene in the movie Jack Nicholson’s character shouts, “What Do You Want From Me?” to which Tom Cruise’s character replies, “I Want The Truth!” and then it happens… Jack Nicholson’s character replies You Can’t Handle The Truth!!!

It dawned on me that each time I hide something in my unconscious, it is as though I create another Jack Nicholson character who will shout at me whenever I am about to look at that hidden material, “You Can’t Handle The Truth of what I have hidden from you!!!”  “So turn around and look the other way!”  It is as though I have used my own mental energy to create a “guard” for each element I store in my unconscious and that “guard” is my own mental energy yelling at me to turn away from the Truth of my experience and memories and reactions.  It tells me to run toward some form of distraction or escape, or blaming of someone, or something else for what I am feeling.

The solution to this false dilemma is for me to begin to develop that part of my mind which can monitor this process and strengthen the part of my mind that Loves Truth.  Just as in the movie the character played by Tom Cruise decides to fight to uncover the Truth, despite the fact that no one wants him to do that.  He fights to uncover the truth despite the fact that he is threatened with the ending of his career as an attorney, and possibly the end of his career as a military officer.  I must Love Truth enough to face down that part of my own mind which screams at me that, “You Can’t Handle The Truth!!!”, and remind it that not only can I handle it, I have already lived through it!  I have also continued to function in life despite spending a considerable amount of my own mental energy to keep that Truth hidden from myself.

Contrary to what I have been taught by the culture and society, no one else can make me feel anything.  The Truth is that: “My reality is strictly internal, is unique to me, and is created out of my own thoughts.”  I am causing my own pain and frustration, fatigue and overwhelm, by continuing to believe the false notion that “I can’t handle the Truth” and that I must keep it hidden from  myself.  I would offer that there is a way to live life which is much lighter, and more energized if I can only teach myself to Love Truth and test the words of the man you said: “Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free.”

“We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love.  Everything else is false.”