How Negative Thinking is Killing Us.

Great material from Dr. Michael Ryce’s work on Forgiveness

Every time we have a negative thought, it puts negative energy into our energy field and disrputs our physical body. These disruptions need to be resolved or they actually do damage to our physical body and then that part of the physical body dies.

This dead tissue then attracts bacteria to eat the dead tissue, the way microbes and carion eat the dead bodies in nature.Every negative emotion comes from negative thoughts. Negative thoughts come from faulty beliefs.

Faulty beliefs are the result of our flawed interpretation of actual events which construct faulty realities in our minds. These faulty realities need to be de-constructed in order for us to be able to be in a state of love and acceptance.

Each moment of love
Each moment of giving
Each moment of joy
Is a moment of living

Each moment of anger
Each moment of lying
Each moment of vengeance
Is a moment of dying

All our moments add together
Like the digits in a sum
And the answer tells us plainly
Whether our life or our death shall come!

Forgiveness! A much better definition!

Recently a friend of mine emailed me about how he had finished A Course In Miracles, ACIM, and was frustrated because it talked a lot about forgiving but did not tell him how to do it. He stated that try though he might throughout the year of working with ACIM, he was not able to figure out how to get this forgiveness thing to work.

Then his sister sent him some material from Dr. Michael Ryce which focused on the process of forgiveness and included worksheets that take him step by step through the process of forgiveness. My friend stated that he was astounded that he got more from one session with the forgiveness worksheet, than he had gotten done in a year of working on forgiveness with ACIM.

That friend just sent me a copy of the audio tapes from one of Michael Ryce’s lectures and I have to tell you that they are wonderful. In these tapes Dr. Ryce spells out how an ancient Arameic text details the process of forgiveness and “deconstructing” a negative reality we have created. In the ancient texts, the meaning of the word forgiveness is to de-construct a faulty reality.

This material is completely compatible with The Mirror Theory and the Law of Attraction that is detailed in the movie The Secret. Dr. Ryce gives a very clear and compelling description of how we create our realities in our brains, how we are completely responsible for all that we create and experience, and what to do about any negative reality or experience that we create.

I can’t recommend this work highly enough. You can find out more at including forgiveness worksheets you can print out for yourself.

Spread the word.

Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones!