Rage Healed with a Reality Management Worksheet and Faster EFT

Dear Friends,
I just finished the Internet Radio Show with Dr. Michael and Jeanie Ryce, in which I tried to find the words to describe the power of last night’s Mindshifter Group in Woodstock, IL. You can find links to the archive of the radio show at www.whyagain.org. The Mindshifters Group last night was another wonderful example of the power of these groups, and the tools we teach, to help us cancel and release our pain, fear, sadness, and anger.

One of our newer group attendees was experiencing rage and agreed to do a Reality Management Worksheet to help dismantle his anger.  This was the first Reality Management Worksheet he had ever done.  He began with what he described as rage that was higher than ten on a scale of zero to ten. He described a real life situation in which he has had his reputation brutally attacked on the Internet, with the result that his career has been “ruined”, and he described how he has lost money and relationships because of the blatant lies people have chosen to spread about him on the Internet.

When we helped him step through the worksheet process and clearly identify his goal for those who have lied about him, and then cancel that goal and ask to be shown the hidden part of his mind which was causing his rage, he got in touch with the fact that he has felt this intensity of rage many times in his life, going back to his pre-teenage years. This helped him see that the energy he was experiencing as rage was not just coming in reaction to the current, and recent, events in his life. This allowed him to begin to question whether he could release and let go some of the old energies, thoughts, and conclusions that have fed his rage and defensiveness for years.

At the end of the worksheet process he was no longer feeling rage – he was feeling intense confusion. So he agreed to do some Faster EFT tapping, and we spent the better part of thirty minutes tapping and breathing, canceling goals, and consciously releasing and letting go of the energies, and conclusions he has carried for decades which were feeding his rage. At the end of that period of tapping he been through rage, sadness, shame, hurt, and laughter, and reported feeling light and relaxed and energized.

Today, over 14 hours later, he called the Internet show to report that he is still feeling light, energized,why and deeply grateful for the tools and the opportunity to release the intense, painful energies he has carried for decades.

You can check out Faster EFT on YouTube where the creator Robert Smith has placed dozens of videos which allow you to learn this powerful and effective technique.
It is a joy and an honor to be a part of that Mindshifters Group, and again I wish to thank all of those who have participated in creating the Loving and Safe space where such powerful healing work can happen more easily.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

Plato’s Allegory The Cave and Mindshifters Groups

Last night in the Tuesday Mindshifters meeting in Woodstock, IL we began the group with a reading from the book Butterflies are Free to Fly by Stephen Davis. The first part of the book reviews the Allegory of The Cave by Plato. The author also updates the allegory and moves it into a movie theater with a 360 degree 3D IMAX screen.

For those of you who don’t know about the allegory, it is a story that Plato used as a teaching device to help students question their perception, and to question whether there may be levels of reality which are more subtle than, but just as real or perhaps even more real than, the physical world we perceive with our five senses.

I brought this reading into our group last night to help reinforce the actual process that happens every time someone does a Reality Management Worksheet, and shifts their perception and therefore their response to what they believed were the events in their life. If we can begin to understand at deeper and deeper levels that we really are creating our experience of life in each moment, then the power of the Reality Management Worksheet Process and the Ancient Aramaic process of Forgiveness can have an even greater impact on us.

The book Butterflies are Free to Fly is available for free download. The Reality Management Worksheet is available at www.whyagain.org and is the core of the work we do in the Mindshifters groups. This tool allows us to directly access and remove from our systems any energy which is less than Love, and therefore directly improve our experience and quality of life.

Again I wish to thank all of those participants who bring their loving energy to these groups, and who are helping to make this world a better place, by removing the energies within themselves which block their awareness of their true nature as Love.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

Finding Your Focus and Removing Your Constraints

Last night in the Thursday Mindshifters Group in Crystal Lake, IL we watched another segment of the lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce titled Purpose, Personal Power, and Commitment. The point of this lecture is outline a specific way for each individual to create, clarify and continually revise their purpose for living and the things they choose to do for Service to others. In this way of looking at things, Service is like the rent we pay for being on this planet. Service becomes the vehicle through which we can express our individual talents and passions which make the life we are living and the world we are living in, more Loving, Respectful and Joyous.

After the video the discussion among attendees raised the issue of being stuck, even though the person felt they were clear about their purpose. We discussed how this is a common situation, and how the solution may lie in either the need to refine one’s purpose and vision of “How The World Will Look When It Is Perfect”, or the solution may lie in removing the negative thoughts, beliefs and traumatic energies one holds. The second solution is aided by all of the tools we use in the Mindshifters Group and the website www.whyagain.org where Dr. Ryce and Jeanie Ryce have made their tools available for FREE.

The list of tools is too long for this note, but includes, The Reality Management Worksheet, The Codependent To Interdependence Worksheet, the Mindshifters Tool, The Three Earliest Memories of Conflict Worksheet, and numerous others. The free material also includes the ability to read the entire book, Why Is This Happening To Me Again, and almost four years of archived audio files of the Internet Radio show including at least 12 specific shows in which someone has been helped through the Reality Management Worksheet process.

It was also observed, yet again last night, that almost every time someone in the group volunteers to do a worksheet, the theme for the worksheet chosen is an issue that several other people in the group are also struggling with. The power and consistency of this Synchronicity is amazing and helps to reinforce for those in attendance, “that we are all the same”, and that despite our outer differences, we each have much more in common with our fellow human beings than we can ever see if we are looking through the filters of Hostility or Fear.  So the key to True Perception is to restore our conscious awareness to our True Nature as The Extension of Love In form, by systematically removing everything that is unlike Love from our energy systems.

Thanks again to all those to choose to do this work and those who attend the Mindshifters Support Groups around the world.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

Tuesday Mindshifters and One’s Secondary Purpose

Last night’s Mindshifter Group watched the second half of the lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce titled: Purpose, Personal Power, and Commitment. This lecture points out the value of developing an individualized purpose for your life, and how the repeated use of that purpose to focus your choices and actions each day, can radically transform you life and effectiveness. The second half of this lecture details how the process of suppression and denial takes us away from our connection to our source, and moves us down that path toward unconsciousness and illness.

The discussion which followed the lecture included a testimonial by one member of how useful the Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping, (EFT), was for her recently, and this led to a review of EFT and the Cortices Tapping from Body Talk, as just two possible additional tools. We have observed that the use of breathing and tapping techniques can help us process and release unneeded negative energies which may be stirred up in us when we are doing Reality Management Worksheets. Once these energies are processed and released, it is easier to complete the worksheet process and reach resolution on the issue.

We also teach in this group that when trying to understand a new and complex idea, it is helpful to approach it from a number of different perspectives. In line with that concept, we talked on Tuesday evening about the work of teachers like Guy Finley, Abraham Hicks, A Course In Miracles, and The Way of Mastery. The similarity between all of these teachings and Dr. Michael Ryce’s teachings is striking as it relates to learning to stay tuned in to Loving energies within oneself.

We discussed how Abraham Hicks teaches that unconditional Love is really about learning to feel Loving within oneself – in all conditions! Learning to resonate with the energy of “Source” without waiting for the outside conditions to change, so that we can then say that those conditions made us feel Loving.

As always I appreciate the participation of all those who attend these groups and who apply these tools to help themselves live from the realization that…
We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.



Thursday Mindshifter Meeting In Crystal Lake, IL

Dear Friends,

We will be meeting again this Thursday in Crystal Lake, from 6:30 – 9:00 pm and watching the second half of the video titled “Purpose, Personal Power, and Commitment”.  We will continue to support the attendees in creating, refining, and using their Secondary Purpose as described in the lecture.  The use of your Secondary Purpose is a powerful tool for focusing your energy, and making certain that you are living in accordance with your values, talents, and passions.

The joy, ease, increase in effectiveness, and peace of mind that comes from living in alignment with your Primary and Secondary Purpose is beyond words and can only be appreciated once it has been experienced.  I invite you to join us for this rewarding process and the support of a group of like-minded people to maximize your benefits.

I have deep gratitude for those who have participated in the past few groups,  and have sent me messages of appreciation for this process and the group.

Please remember that the Thursday evening support group has limited seating so please RSVP to me at thayes@ch4cs.com

We Come From Love, We Are Made From Love, We Are Love!  Everything else is false.