The Circle of Life and How to Play It – Part 1

This lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce focuses on the use of a tool which amounts to a map of the choices we can make when we respond to events in our lives. Dr. Ryce described two possible paths, “The Upper Path” and “The Lower Path. “The Lower Path” leads eventually to pain, loneliness and dis-ease. “The Upper Path” leads to comfort, healthy loving relationships and health. A key idea in this lecture is that in order to get where we want to go in life we must know to things; we must know the destination, and we must be willing to honestly accept, and accurately define, where we are.

So, Dr. Ryce describes two separate patterns of responses to whatever events occur in life. One is focused on the knowledge that each of us creates our own internal realities and the other is focused on blaming others and the world around us for our internal realities.

People on “The Lower Path” deny and suppress their feelings and thereby block any useful information from coming into their awareness. These people fall into the cycle of being the victim and the hero in their interactions with others, and they are always blaming others for what they don’t like in their lives.

The people who choose “The Lower Path” are focused on Right vs. Wrong thinking and they are always willing to tell people how they are right and everyone else is wrong. When these people bump into the truth, it causes them stress and they blame the truth or the one who showed them the truth for causing their discomfort. Their adaptive mechanisms are all about denial, suppression, drug and alcohol use, and holding their breath.

For these people their personal code is “If I am in pain, you did it to me!” Therefore these people feel dis-empowered and they live in a state of destructive dissatisfaction. They throw tantrums and the adults on this path get depressed or full of rage. For these people things are important and they are takers who don’t care about how their “taking” influences others.

People who “Take The Upper Path” work to stay open to their feelings and don’t deny and suppress them. The are therefore able to use information from a variety of sources to learn how to respond differently. These people take response-ability for what they are feeling and how they choose to respond to what happens in their lives and they refuse to see themselves as either victim or hero.

The people who choose “The Upper Path” are focused on “Right”(for me), vs. “Not Right” (for me), thinking and they refuse to judge others as being wrong because they don’t want that energy in their system. When these people bump into the truth, it causes them stress and they welcome the truth, or the one who showed them the truth, for helpful the information it provides, so that they can make corrections within themselves. Their adaptive mechanisms are all about acceptance of Truth, self-correction, the energy of Love, forgiveness work, and breathing.

For these people their personal code is “If I am in pain, I am in error!” Therefore these people feel empowered and they live in a state of Constructive dissatisfaction. They accept response-ability for what they are feeling, and work to use their tools to dismantle and cancel the false realities, they have constructed, which have caused their pain. For these people, relationships are more important than things. These people know that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin and that neither is truly possible without the other.

The people on “The Upper Path” are working to realize the actuality in their lives that:

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

The following is being supplied because of a request from several group members this week.

The mental short form for The Reality Management Worksheet:
1. My mind convinces me that my trigger _____ causes my feelings ______.
2. My reality is my responsibility, strictly internal, unique to me, and is created by my personal and genetic mind energy.
3. I locate and CANCEL my goal ______ (clear my mind).
4. Rookha d’ Koodsha /Holy Spirit – please assist me to reset Rakhma & Khooba, change my reality, its effects; and learn the TRUTH.
5. I reconnect with my source, ask for restoration to Love, and send Love to, ______ (trigger). I offer you, (trigger) ____(a loving goal).

Rakhma – is a filter in the mind over intentions, which allows only intentions keyed to Love to be available as raw material for use in setting my goals, which are drivers for my realities.

Khooba – is a filter in the mind over perceptions that allows only units of perceptual memory keyed to Love to be available for structuring my personal Reality, my guidance.

Rookha d’ Koodsha – The active force from God in the human mind that breaks off the effect of errors and teaches us the truth. The force for that which is proper for humans, the denial of which leaves us in un-forgiveness! The “SuperProcessor.”

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Laws of Living part 2

This week the Mindshifters group watched the second half of the Dr. Michael Ryce lecture titled: The Laws of Living. What struck me most this time was a comment that Dr. Ryce made about how the Love of Truth produces a tension in the mind which focuses the mind on input and shows the mind the errors of its ways.

I remember from another lecture where Dr. Ryce explained his interpretation of the bible passage that says something like, “The eye is the lamp of the soul, if your lamp goes dark, how deep will your darkness be”. Dr. Ryce explains that the ancient Aramaic when translated directly into English says something more like, Your perception is the light for your earthly life, and if your perception is distorted by anything, you will create and experience false realities.

These false realities will always cause you pain and discomfort, and disrupt your relationships. Dr. Ryce explains, the mind is an evidential device, it shows you whatever it is you tell it to show you. So if you believe someone else is wrong or has “wronged you”, your mind will show you the evidence that they are wrong. You will literally perceive things that never happened, or twist things that did happen so that they have the meaning you have instructed your mind to give you.

Dr. Ryce repeatedly reminds us that the only way to perceive things accurately is to first hold the condition of Love in the mind. If I hold the condition of Love in my mind, I will Love Truth and desire only to see the Truth of what is. If I hold a desire for anything other than Truth, or if I hold any energy other than Love in my mind, my mind will distort the data that it shows me so that I construct a reality which is based on some form of hostility or fear, and is false! If I desire to be right, the first casualty of that desire will be the Truth. My mind will arrange the data it shows me to prove to me that I am right, and others are wrong. The Truth of the situation is not changed, I am just not able to use it to construct my reality.

If I desire to be right, my mind will show me how I am right, and it will shut down my ability to perceive anything which would conflict with that conclusion. When I desire to be right, I am not able to accept help, insight or input from friends, family or mentors. It is only when I accept that what I perceive may be inaccurate or incomplete that I am willing to accept input.

The Love of Truth literally produces tension and attention in the mind which focuses the mind on input from actuality, and allows the mind to see the errors of its ways. I desire to Love Truth. I frequently forget that desire and replace it with the desire of the Ego which longs to be right.

One important way for me to know when I am in error, and have lost my focus on The Love of Truth, is that I begin to feel tension, contraction and discomfort in my body. Whenever I become aware of this I know that I am in error. I know instantly that I am focusing my energy on something other than Love of Truth. I know instantly that I have shifted my awareness away from the fact that:

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

The Laws of Living Part 1

Last night the Mindshifters group watched the first half of the Michael Ryce lecture titled “The Laws of Living”. This lecture tries to make a clear distinction between rules, man’s “laws”, and The Law. The difference between a rule and a Law, is that a rule is something which has been created by man, and if you break a rule there are consequences imposed by men. The Law is something which simply is, and it is not possible to break The Law. You either work within The Law or you “get broken”. For instance if you step off a 100 foot cliff because you choose to ignore The Law of gravity, you suffer the natural consequences once you land. There is no one imposing a consequence for your choice to ignore The Law.

The point was made that while many people say they have done things they regret doing, there is only one reason why we do anything, and that is because we had a “reality” in our mind which directed us to act in that way. Since we are the authors of the realities in our minds, it is possible to be mindful of the realities we are creating, and change them so that we don’t keep doing things we regret. The tool for removing a false reality from the human mind is what was called “Forgiveness”, in the ancient Aramaic. The worksheet titled The Reality Management Worksheet is the primary tool for doing this work in Dr. Ryce’s teachings.

Once again this lecture discusses the need to build slowly and in stages, the understanding of how the energetic system of the human body/mind works. When we first begin to get exposed to this material it is so foreign and unusual, compared to what most of us have been taught and experienced, that it is impossible to understand the material fully. This is why it is important to keep reading, listening to, and practicing the application of this material, so that the foundation of understanding can be built, and eventually the deeper meaning of the material can be grasped.

The first and most important step in the process is to learn to hold the energy of Love, conscious, active and present in the mind, at all times. It is only when we are holding the energy of Love in our minds that we are able to see clearly what the world actually offers us, and who and what we actually are. Whenever we hold the energy of hostility or fear in our minds, our minds distort the information we receive, and we then construct a false reality in our minds, which leads us to more fear, more hostility and more pain.

The tools provided in this work are all focused on one thing, the removal from the human mind/body energy system of anything which is less than Love. It is not necessary and in fact absolutely futile to look for love from anyone or anything in your life. However it is absolutely possible and highly recommended to extend Love in all of your relationships with people and things.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

Co-Dependence to Inter-Dependence

Last night the Mindshifters Group watched the second half of the lecture titled: Co-Dependence to Inter-Dependence. The definition of Co-Dependence for this lecture is the process of believing that someone else is responsible for anything I am feeling or experiencing. The process of projection was explained in even more detail. The process of projection requires that I have denied and suppressed thoughts and emotions within myself. Once this happens, and I have made the decision, often at the unconscious level, that I won’t accept or deal with things in my mind, I doom myself to projecting them onto the world I see. The world I experience is not the actual world. The world I experience is the product of my mind and the thoughts, memories and emotions that get triggered in my mind, most of which is unconscious and comprised of things I have denied and suppressed. Once these things get triggered, they make up my experience of the world, as I project them onto the image my mind creates of the people and things in my world.

What I “see” in others and the world around me, always tells me more about me than it does about others and the world. Until I have uncovered and dismantled every thought, emotion, and conclusion which I have denied and suppressed, I cannot hope to “see” the world accurately. My internal reality is driven by the process of “Blockage of Truth”. Until I make “Love of Truth” the most important thing in my life, I will have no hope of seeing the world accurately. Perception is the servant of purpose, and when I tell my mind that I am right, my perception will organize the evidence to show me how I am right. The only hope I have of seeing Truth, is to value Truth more than being right. This is a very tall order for us as humans, raised in a culture which values “being right”.

Another point which jumped out at me about this lecture is the definition for the word “Decide”. The root of the word means “to cut off, or kill”. It is the same as the words, homicide, suicide, genocide, etc. The word “decide” may be said to mean: “To cut off choice”. In this way it is the end of the spiritual faculty of “Choice”. The ability to be “In Choice” requires that we be able to see what is actually happening in the world, without the effects of personal distortion and the effects of denial, suppression and projection. The process of forgiveness is a tool for dismantling the process of denial, suppression and projection. See for the free download titled: The Reality Management Worksheet.

This lecture once again reminds us that the root of all healing is the ability to hold Love conscious, active and present, and hold this state whenever anything unlike Love arises. When anything unlike Love is exposed to the energy of Love, the energy gets transmuted and the energy of Love is all that is left.

This lecture also describes the process that all of us have gone through, in which a parent becomes a power person for a child, and the child gives up her connection to her source of Love, in order to seek the approval of the parent. When this happens, the child learns to define the approval of the parent as Love. This leads us to be human doings, rather than human beings. We get busy doing things trying to gain the approval of those we want to “love” us, rather than focusing our awareness on the reality that:

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.