Processing at Mindshifters Group and on Mindshifters Radio

Last Tuesday in the Mindshifters Group in Woodstock, IL, after the discussion, no one else wanted to do a worksheet so I volunteered.  The worksheet helped me access some deep emotions and tapped into some processing that has been going on within me for decades.  I shed some tears in the group, and made some connections between life events that had previously escaped my conscious awareness.  Then on Wednesday morning I awoke with a migraine headache.  Fortunately I was scheduled to meet with a friend who does an energy work called NET, and it is very much like the Reality Management Worksheet/Wake-Up sheet process only it has the benefit of reading the body’s energy system to diagnose which energy flow is disrupted.

I had my partner work on me, and it took the entire 90 minutes for me to do a series of five or six releases.  At the end of that time, I felt completely drained and still had some headache discomfort.  I laid down for fifteen minutes before seeing my next patient and then went right into hosting the Internet Radio Show – Mindshifters Radio – since Dr. Ryce had texted during my session and asked if I could host the show that day.

The resulting show found me reading my worksheet out loud and then discussing my process with the NET releases.  Several people said they found this show very helpful so I am including a link to the show, and a link to the “Forgiveness Patter” that I include when someone does a worksheet in either support group.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Listen to the Internet Show Here

Forgiveness Patter

We Come From Love.  We Are Made Of Love.  We Are Love.  Everything else is false.



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2 thoughts on “Processing at Mindshifters Group and on Mindshifters Radio

  1. Hi Dr. Tim,

    Thank you for sharing last weeks radio show oh my gosh the whole thing hit home and the lady that called and always in a hurry…… me….. running from what fear of death still for me I will listen to abraham Hicks tonight! Thank you for doing this Im going to try to get in on thursday night mindshifter on line .

    Love and light always

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