Dale Allen Hoffman is Coming to the Mindshifters Radio Podcast

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that Dale Allen Hoffman will be our guest for a full hour on Mindshifters Radio on May 31, 2019. 

It is appropriate that it will be a Friday, because Dale spent the better part of a year back in 2014 calling the Mindshifters Radio Podcast, almost every Friday, and we called it “Aramaic Fridays”.  Those archived shows are available Free – Just Click Here.

Dale has been teacher and a student of True Spiritual thought and the Ancient Aramaic language for decades now, and has brought wonderful insight to our work, by discovering the deep, rich meaning of many of  the stories and sayings that were lost to us for many, many years.  

I hope you will be able to join us, or listen to the archives of the show, and share this information with anyone you feel may benefit.

I also invite you to submit questions to me that you would like to ask of Dale.  Please email me at tjh@mindshifters-academy.org and I will use your suggestions to craft the questions I ask Dale in our interview.

We Come From Love.  We Are Made Of Love.  We Are Love.  Everything else is false.

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